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Youngstock Livery

Are you thinking about buying a foal or youngster, or need somewhere for your little one to go for weaning? Then look no further!!


Here at Martingale Farm we can offer Foal & Youngstock Livery to all geldings and colts. They will be able to run free with friends on good grass paddocks and in the winter live all together in our youngster barn. On top of this they will get the handling they need to make polite young horses ready for breaking, such as bathing, grooming, sessions on the horse walker and trailer/loading training... all making it much easier when you want to further their education.


Be stress free about your youngster, and let us do all the hard work!

Livery packages include wormers and farrier.

£370 per month*

(includes all the above)

Get in contact for more information.

*Although we do our upmost to keep your horses protected and well cared for, all horses/youngstock are left at the owners risk, and we strongly advise owner to insure their horses/youngstock. This is for your own protection, as well as Martingale Farm's.



2017 Filly by Martinez/Rascalino

Sold and Liveried here at Martingale Farm

Lindsey Plant - "We bought our beautiful Moviestar from Bev at Martingale Farm last year (2019). Our whole experience was professional from the beginning. The viewing, the vetting, and then the ongoing livery whilst she continued to stay there. We visited a couple of times and Movie was well cared for, we now have her home and we are absolutely thrilled with her. I would buy from Bev again with the assurance of buying a quality horse."



2019 Colt by Bon Coeur/Dancier

Liveried here at Martingale Farm


Eleanor Scarr (from Dubai)- "I bought Berlin from Denise at Gamblethorpe Hannovarians. He went straight to youngstock livery at Martingale Farm. He is with other young horses and I cannot fault the daily care and attention he has been given. I am living overseas so it's very reassuring to receive regular updates in the form of videos and photos. He is handled and introduced to general things like grooming, washing and farrier. I hope with all this experienced handling his manners will be as outstanding as his movement. If you need livery for a foal I would unreservedly recommend Bev at Martingale Farm."



2018 Colt by Dancier/White Star

Liveried here at Martingale Farm


Caroline Scrambler from Cyprus- "Highly recommend Martingale Farm for all your youngsters needs. Fantastic facilities to care for youngsters in all weathers, plenty of  handling and pampering and for me, especialy as I live abroad, regular video updates. Bev has a genuine passion for the youngsters and this really shines through. I am so happy I found this place for my youngsters. Denver and D'Lorean are very lucky and very happy."

image0 (1).png


2019 Colt by 

Liveried here at Martingale Farm


Lesley & Ellie Tulley- "So happy with how Bailey is growing manners and temperament with Bev's hands on approach, he is treated the same way as Bev's own youngsters which is reassuring as he is our first youngster we have ever put on youngstock livery.

He is happy and growing in a herd with lots of carrots and friends."



Liveried here at Martingale Farm


Georgia Hoyland- "My colt is on youngstock livery with Bev, all the youngstock gets great care and Chester is always happy when I go to visit. Bev always sends updates and nothing is too much to ask. Would definitely recommend!!"



Bought and liveried here at Martingale Farm


Claire & Alice Weightman- "I just want to thank you for the fantastic youngstock livery you provided for Quantas! It was noted how well managed he was when the time came to break him in. A big THANK YOU to Bev for his first bath, her patience with him with the farrier and general handling. It certainly has made our life easier! I am now considering putting my mare in foal and have already booked the foal a place! Great service at a sensible price!"



Liveried here at Martingale Farm


Amy Louise Brant- "WONDERFUL PLACE. My 2 year old ID is on Youngstock livery with Bev from Martingale Farm. The facilitiesthey have are fabulous but the best thing about the place is the love and dedication that the horses receive. I have felt totally at ease leaving my boy in their care, knowing he is being looked after by very knowledgeable people. The liveries are treated just like their own horses and nothing is too much trouble. Highly recommended!"



Liveried here at Martingale Farm


Nicola Holler- "Would highly recommend the youngstock livery at Martingale Farm. Had my 2 year old with Bev and Tony since March. Since arriving Bev hasd dealt with everything from vets visits, farrier and making sure he is handled well to prepare him for his ridden career. Bev and Tony have made me feel welcome and part of the team from day one."



Liveried here at Martingale Farm


Katherine Kenyon- "I am so pleased that I have found Bev and her team at Martingale Farm for my rising 2 year old. Sprinter is allowed to be a horse and mess about and play with the youngstock herd, at the same time as being expected to learn good manners and the basics for the future as a polite all rounder riding horse. He'd only been there a week and had settled so quickly that he had his first hoof trim, a pamper session with a new look pulled mane and plenty of carrots to keep him happy. He's had his first bath too and had had trailer training. Nothing is too much trouble and I love receiving regular updates, photos and videos of how he is progressing. Thank you so much!"

salvador jump.png


2017 Gelding by Sporcken/Furstenball

Sold here at Martingale Farm

Crystal - "Bev and the team do a fantastic job looking after the youngstock at Martingale Farm. My 3 year old has been so well cared for. Plenty of good quality grazing, turned out in herds with other youngsters his age, brought in if the weather gets bad to a nice bed and plenty of hay and loads of carrots!  Cannot thank Bev enough for doing such a great a job, there really is no better place for youngstock"

image0 (4).png

Daniel, Deoso & Diablo

Sold and Liveried here at Martingale Farm

Claire & Izzy White Eventing - "I am delighted with the 3 lovely colts which we bought from Bev. They are beautifully bred, friendly and well mannered. Martingale Farm is a great set up for Youngstock Livery. The facilities are excellent. There are purpose built barns which provide excellent shelter whilst being light and airy. The turnout fields are a really good size, well fenced and safe. All the horses are either geldings or colts which means they can run happily together as a herd. Bev also does a great job of handling the youngsters so they are polite and confident."

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